August 2, 2010

Bristol 'the most boring place in the world,' actor says

During a Moviefone 'Unscripted' interview with comedian Will Ferrell released Monday, actor Mark Wahlberg called Bristol "the most boring town in the world."
His reasoning was a little shaky, but here's the Hollywood star's rationale: "That's why all those people at ESPN are having sex with each other. ... They're doing wife swaps and all sorts of craziness."
The 39-year-old Oscar-nominated star doesn't appear to have visited Bristol, apparently relying purely on its reputation. He did say, though, that he was joking.
Find out more about Wahlberg here.
Update: ESPN spokesman Mike Soltys said that Wahlberg has, in fact, been in Bristol.
He headed over to ESPN's studios in the fall of 2008 to plug Max Payne.
"He did seem to really enjoy it when he visited us in 2008," Soltys said.w
Another update: In a video provided by ESPN, taken while Wahlberg walked through ESPN's campus in 2008, the actor said the place was "bigger and cooler" than he expected and that "everyone was very hospitable."
"It was awesome," Wahlberg said on the video. "It's always amazing. It's surreal just to see everything behind the scenes once you've bunch of television to actually see the studio."
He didn't look bored.
Yet another update: "I guess it depends on your definition of boring. If that's the only positive comments he can make about the community, I would venture to say he hasn't spent much time here," Mayor Art Ward said.
"Coming from someone with experience in Hollywood and tabloids," Wahlberg may not appreciate Bristol, Ward said.
The mayor said he suspects Wahlberg spent only a short time here -- but not short enough.
"I hope his exit was quicker than his entrance. And hopefully there were no impediments on Route 229 to hinder his exit," Ward said. "And let him know I'm in my office whenever he'd like to talk."
The mayor said Bristol warrants its recent designation as one of the top 100 places to live among small American cities and will someday climb to the Top 10 on its way to the top spot.
And still another update -- Keith Olbermann wants to know this: "Swapping them for WHAT?" That's on his Twitter feed.
Sport Illustrated writer Richard Deitsch adds this on his Twitter feed: "Well, this is unexpected: Actor Mark Wahlberg says people at ESPN swap wives."
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Anonymous said...

They're doing wife swaps and all sorts of craziness."

Like kiddie porn

wth ... with all the international access and nothing else to do what do you expect ?

Anonymous said...

He meant to say most "adoring" place in the world!

Say it ain't so are (were) one of my favorite actors!

Anonymous said...

Lets be thankful that celebrities are never taken into the heart of Bristol! They are only taken to ESPN and then back to where ever they came from. Why do you think ESPN does not want to invest in downtown Bristol. Why would they?

Missed opportunity said...

Boy, our "Mayor" is quite the ambassador for "boring" Bristol. I'm glad ESPN was kind and hospitable, because Arty sure wasn't in his interview!

The least Ward could have done was to invite Mr. Wahlberg (an international celebrity) to Sporty's for a cold one or to Lake Compounce for a ride on the roller coaster.

Arty's slipping. He missed a potential photo op.

Anonymous said...

He won't be saying that once the Chamber gets their promotional campaign going!

Anonymous said...

Art, "I am the Mayor", sure has a way with words!

Actually, Art, you should be concerned with what the people that live here are saying and thinking.

Anonymous said...

So is ESPN hiring?

Anonymous said...

This is a stupid article (by a stupid reporter). Of course Wahlberg thinks Bristol is boring. Compared to the fast and glamorous life he leads there's no question any small city like Bristol or town would be boring to him. Grow up, get a life and get a clue everyone.

Steve Collins said...

10:39 - Stupid? Sure.
But guess what? This is already the most well-read post I've ever had, with some 5,000 page views already today.

Anonymous said...

No wonder people like the look of better than this trash. Blech! What a loser.

Anonymous said...

i find that picture of marky mark manhandling his package obnoxious

but he may be right about b town


Anonymous said...

What promotional campaign???

Anonymous said...

It's good that the guy who played "Dirk Digler" (a porn star) in the movie "Boogie Nights" is concerned about the morality of people at ESPN (but apparently not those of Bristol who don't work for ESPN).

Anonymous said...

Love it....#84 whatever!

cseguin said...

This was linked on, which is a HIGHLY read sports site in the family.

I'm guessing you're going to get even more post views throughout the day.


No Longer A Fan said...

With Mark Grabbing His So Called
B--LS...He Cut Off Blood Supply and Oxygen to His Brain, Became Delirious and Came Out With A Comment of Bristol Being Boring...Mark Is The One Who's Boring...He Has "No BALLS"...He's Lost Alot of Fans From His Comment About Bristol and It Will Turn Around and Bite Him In The...

Anonymous said...

A real great piece here Steve, a real go getter you are. Put down the doughnut and get some real news for us to read.

Anonymous said...

So let's see if I have this straight: dozens of people who LIVE in Bristol continually bash the crap out of the city, its leaders, its businesses, its downtown, etc., on this blog and, for the most part, everyone else pretty much goes along with it (and piles on), while some movie actor/celebrity makes a one-time (admittedly lame) joke about Bristol and suddenly this guy's the devil's spawn for saying something negative about our fair community.

You people are friggin' nuts.

Anonymous said...

At first I thought that that was a picture of the mayor sending a message to the voters.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


So is Ward, but for a different reason!

Anonymous said...

I am still trying to figure out how Bristol even came in 84th out of a 100 as the best place to live -

Anonymous said...


Bristol is a great place because if it's people, the everyday people who care, who care for others and for the city.

There is plenty to do, places to go.

And with your help we can continue to improve.

Anonymous said...

come on now...What an idiot our mayor is..LOL