July 30, 2010

Zydanowicz makes case for primary victory

Press release from Mark Zydanowicz, a Republican contender for the 1st District congressional seat:

WEST HARTFORD, Conn. (July 29, 2010) -- In a recent state district online poll for Republican voters, First Congressional candidate Mark Zydanowicz was the overwhelming favorite, far surpassing opponent Ann Brickley whom he will face in an Aug. 10 primary.
Based on the results of the informal July 25 poll by the Friends of Rocky Hill GOP, 63 percent of those polled backed Zydanowicz, while only 13 percent supported Brickley. Twenty-three percent remained undecided. 
“All across the district I’m hearing voters say the same thing,” said Zydanowicz. “They want someone with strong business and leadership skills to unseat John Larson. They’ve made it clear -- they’re tired of the ‘business as usual’ style that we’re seeing from the Democrats in Washington, D.C.”
Zydanowicz’s message is simple: significant steps must be taken to improve the economy. Connecticut’s unemployment rate must be addressed and small business, the true economic engine of the country, need to be in position where they can hire and thrive.
“Unemployment in the state has continually risen since John Larson took office in 1999,” said Zydanowicz. “The Democrats, especially Larson, turned their backs on Main Street, but pumped bailout money into Wall Street. Small businesses suffered and continue to suffer. This must be changed.”
Zydanowicz’s leadership ability, not only in the business world, is what sets him apart from his rivals.
An officer with the Connecticut National Guard who has served in Iraq and on the Mexican border, Zydanowicz is dedicated to upholding the United States Constitution, especially when it comes to protecting U.S. citizens.
He is a third-generation owner of New Britain-based Guida’s Milk & Ice Cream, which employs 270 people and continues to expand, despite the economy.
“We’re pleased and excited by the poll numbers,” he said, “but there are many voters to still talk to and much work that remains ahead of the primary. The people have had it with John Larson and I’m looking forward to bringing real leadership to Washington and truly representing the people of Connecticut.” 

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Anonymous said...

Oh!! All of a sudden a REPUBLICAN wants to help SMALL businesses out? That's joke. We know they only like BIG businesses. They'll say anything to get a vote and then turn an about face so fast after the election your head will spin. Marc Z. you aren't anything but a true Republican with all their ideals and intentions! Say anything but only cut taxes on your rich buddies.
No junior first term legislator is going to do anything at the Capitol. Larson is the way to go!!

Anonymous said...

Z was outstanding on Tom Monihan show Sunday AM: Key point: If Larson is so go and powerful; where are the JOBS in CT. Larson is a party boy farse and has mi-represented himself and the district long enough. We need real people not Pelosi clones like larson!