July 30, 2010

Del Mastro calls for 10% state tax cut

Open letter from Peter Del Mastro, the Republican state House candidate in the 79th District:
Chris Powell’s opinion piece in Sunday’s Herald Press was right on the money as it relates to areas of state spending that are on the radar screen for cost cutting.
However, one very important ingredient that is needed to get Connecticut’s economy humming again was neither mentioned in the article, nor have I heard it mentioned publicly by any candidates for state office. That ingredient is tax cuts.
With unemployment at nearly 9 percent and, by all accounts, a tepid economic recovery in our future, the new governor and a newly elected Legislature must take bold action to stimulate Connecticut’s economy and get its citizens back to work. Two things must be done quickly.
First, cut the state income tax by 10 percent or more to immediately put more money into people’s pockets.
This will have a stimulative effect on the economy because if people have more money to spend, by and large they will spend it.
Second, cut state business taxes by a similar amount. More money in the hands of Connecticut businesses, coupled with the increased demand for goods and services created by cuts in the state income tax, will enable them to expand, thus creating demand for more employees.
The stimulative effect of these two actions combined with spending cuts in the areas addressed in Powell’s article will have Connecticut’s economy growing vigorously in short order.

What was proven to work on a national scale during the Reagan presidency will work at the state level. All that is needed is to elect leaders with the courage to act.
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Anonymous said...

And just what services would you cut?

It is clear that you do not have a clue as to how the state is run.

Guess that comes from not hving been involved.

Anonymous said...


What happens when the state cuts aid to the cities, i.e. Bristol?????