July 14, 2010

Zydanowicz backs Arizona immigration law

Republican congressional hopeful Mark Zydanowicz issued this press release recently:
WEST HARTFORD, Conn. (July 9, 2010) -- Republican First Congressional candidate Mark Zydanowicz today said he fully supports Arizona's new immigration law, but backs reforms that would continue legal immigration.
Arizona's new law, SB 1070, goes into effect on July 29 and makes illegal immigration a state crime. State law enforcement authorities are required to determine immigration status of people stopped for suspected offenses.
"The problems start due to people who are here illegally," said Zydanowicz. "The current administration, led by Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Representative John Larson, has a desire to give illegals benefits under many of our entitlement programs like social security or public education. That's not only problematic, but it's costly."
Zydanowicz also praised the efforts of Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer who continues to stand up to the criticism of the federal government.
"Gov. Brewer has taken a lot of heat for getting this legislation passed and she should be applauded for her efforts on behalf of the residents of Arizona," he said. "I fully support this law and I know millions of other Americans do, too."
Arizona has long been an entry point for hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants and this has led to elevated criminal activity in the state and in numerous cases, violence against its citizens.
"It is the duty of our federal government to protect the citizens of this country," said Zydanowicz, "and by all accounts, that duty has not been upheld in Arizona, but Gov. Brewer has taken responsibility. The Arizona law complies with the United States Constitution and federal immigration laws, but the federal government has not seen fit to enforce them."
Zydanowicz, an officer with the Connecticut National Guard who has served in Iraq and supported engineering projects on the U.S.-Mexico border, fully encourages the legal immigration process that has been in place for more than a century.
"There are millions of people who have become citizens of the United States through the legal immigration process," said Zydanowicz. "Our country, long a melting pot of cultures from around the world, has been strengthened and enriched by immigrants who have followed the rules and I continue to support this process to make good people part of our country.
Zydanowicz will primary on Aug. 10.
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Anonymous said...

I'm liking this guy more and more!

incumbent OUT !!!! said...

Finally ..... someone with a brain running for office in Ct .

Anonymous said...

It is so obvious when people say what others want to hear so they get ahead..FAKE!

Anonymous said...

how desperate is this guy and his campaign anyway ?

Anonymous said...

why is it considered desperate to voice your support for the Arizona law? Most Americans are on the side of Arizona. Just because this guy is running for office doesn't mean he is saying what people want to hear. That is made clear by our current lawmakers down in D.C. We have been hollering to the rafters about the uncontrolled flow of illegals into this country and they don't care one bit. This is one item out of many for this candidate and I'm for anyone who is willing to control immigration.

Incumbents OUT !!!! said...

Why isn't bloomie suing the New Haven mayor for turning it into a sanctuary for illegal immigrants ?? That is in direct violation of the law . I guess he is only concerned with suing businesses and destroying our economy .