July 21, 2010

City cracking down on stray shopping carts

A new city law prohibits people from taking shopping carts off store premises and cracks down on establishments that let it happen.
City Councilor Kevin McCauley said the new ordinance, which takes effect in two weeks, imposes a “very stringent” standard on the use of shopping carts.
“We’ve been very lax” to this point, said McCauley, who heads the Ordinance Committee.
Municipal officials have long complained that shopping carts wind up littering the sides of roads, dumped in waterways and otherwise become eyesores. Collecting them is, at best, a hassle for public works.
The new law allows police to charge anyone caught off-site with a shopping cart that belongs to a store with an infraction that carries a $90 fine.
Property owners will be held responsible when a cart is found on their land. They, too, can be slapped with an infraction.  CLICK HERE FOR STORY.
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