July 2, 2010

Brickley challenges Zydanowicz to debate(s)

Letter written this week by Republican congressional candidate Ann Brickley to Mark Zydanowicz, who is aiming to grab the 1st District nomination in an August 10 primary:
Dear Mark:
As I mentioned this morning, when I travel throughout Connecticut’s First Congressional District, I am often asked when the two of us will engage in a debate. I am sure you have entertained similarquestions during your visits to local communities. With a little more than a month remaining beforethe August 10th Primary Election, I think we owe it to the Republican voters of the First District, as well as all of the residents of the District, to hold at least one substantive debate that focuses on ourviews on the key issues faced by Connecticut and throughout the nation.
We as a nation face many serious challenges that require real leadership to find thoughtful and effective solutions. As candidates for the Republican nomination for Congress, we should bediscussing such vitally important issues as how to improve the economy and promote job growth, how to balance our deficit-ridden budget, and our ideas about enacting meaningful health carereform that expands people’s access to health care without placing an unfair burden on our children and grandchildren.
As Republicans, you and I share many core values, but I believe there are some significant differences between our two backgrounds and our views on key issues. Unfortunately, the Republican candidates for this District have historically been viewed as underdogs with little chance to actually be elected to office and often receive little coverage by the media. This situation makes itmore challenging for voters to become aware of candidates’ views and backgrounds.
It is for these reasons that I hope you will agree to join me at least one debate prior to the August10th primary. We have been in contact with the Connecticut League of Women Voters and theLeague has expressed an interest in asking some of the local chapters in the First District to hold at least one debate and possibly more. It is time to provide the voters with the opportunity to hear ourviewpoints and ideas and explain why this year they really do have a choice in the election for theFirst Congressional District. It is up to us to show them why they should make history and supportthe Republican candidate to represent the people’s interests in Washington.
Ann Brickley


Anonymous said...

Zydanowicz is the much better candidate. Brickley just doesn't get it. She is trying to represent Bristol and yet is for programs like the bus way that will have no benefit for Bristol. She is challenging Mark because she knows he will win the primary.

Anonymous said...

Zydanowicz will lose, mainly because of the nature of his backers.

Anonymous said...


Who do you mean, Mocabe and/or Schaffick?

Anonymous said...

Be careful of what you "beg" for Ann!!!

Anonymous said...

With Mocabe behind him how can he win?

madashell said...

When will you people in Bristol get it about the busway. The US Govt has already appropriated the money to Connecticut for the busway. If we don't use it for that they will give it to another state and we will lose it. There is no rail plan on the books now to shift it to. We do need a rail plan for the future, but it is years away. At least taking the money will put people to work here in CT. U$E it or LO$E it.

arranging deck chairs on the Titanic said...

I believe you're correct. No one who's ahead ever challenges for a debate.
This lady is OK, but she seems off-base on a few things, mainly the bus-way. But Mayor Stewart is for the bus-way as well and he's a Republican...but New Britski/San Britez is in the 5th District.

Anonymous said...

I will put my money that the reason he will not win is because of Schaaafrrriiiccck!LOL

kill the busway said...


Your argument (in this case pro-busway) is usually a good one. That being if we don't use the Fed mney we'll lose it.

But in this case the busway is such a bad idea all around, I say so be it. It's worth losing the money if it means we will "lose" the busway.