July 21, 2010

School panels say no to unions

Leaving scores of union workers who packed the Board of Education Tuesday frustrated and angry, both of the city panels overseeing construction of two proposed schools gunned down a request to mandate the use of union workers on the project.
Though the construction managers on both the Forestville and West Bristol schools each said the enacting a project labor agreement would add little or no cost to the $110 million project to add classrooms for 1,800 students, members of the panels said they didn’t want to shut the door on bids from non-union construction firms.
Board of Finance member John Smith, who serves on both school building committees, said he did not believe officials should cut a deal with unions that would ice out companies and workers who also pay taxes and have a stake in the community.  CLICK HERE FOR STORY.

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Anonymous said...

The logic of Ms. Matthews could only come from a train of thought similar to one of The Communist Manifesto.

Anonymous said...

Is John Smith speaking for Mayor Ward?

Anonymous said...

I'd like to apologize for making the comment the similarity of Matthews' train of thought and Marx's. I apologize to Marx.

Marx albeit wrong-headed was a thoughtful philosopher during a terrible time in Western history. The point of Matthews (one who has known no such hardships as Marx or most anyone in previous generationss) is a feeble, baseless attempt at pandering to the most powerful special interest group in the Democrat Party. Clearly she looks to higher office in Hartford. Clearly we would be better off without her there or on the council in 2011.

Bonding said...

John Smith is very good at school Const.just make sure that Ins Co. that caries the Bonding owns up to there obligation.John knows best two high schools to his resume.

Anonymous said...

Non Union Companys from Bristol do not Build Schools .............Fact Steve call around.

Anonymous said...

hey unions ..... suck on that

Anonymous said...

Steve did you ask the Mayor if he supports the project Labor agreement, if not it's time to see where are elected officials stand!I attended BOE MTG Tues night,I left there in support of the PLA,that was not what my attentions were going there.I found that ther were more positives then negatives.

Anonymous said...

Why is John Smith on BOTH Committees?

Was John involved with the long drawn out Eastern renovation?

What ties does he have to the local contractors, directly or through Ward?