July 21, 2010

Crocodile Club 2010 Roll Call

With the return of the Crocodile Club this year, it's time to start rounding up the politicians who have always made the nation's oldest eating club something extraordinary. I'm not sure who's been asked and whether anyone has said they're coming, but I figured an online roll call would be a nice way to keep tabs on them.
So I've started a list of people who should be here for the grand occasion at Lake Compounce on August 31, where politicians fill the room but politics as a serious topic is not allowed.
What is allowed are good times, warm beer, cheap cigars and old-time grub. If somebody wants to bring a 'gator, that is also allowed. Small ones are best.
This is a preliminary list of possible attendees. I'll update it as readers remind me of others who should be listed. I'll also indicate responses as I learn about them so we all know who's coming - and who's snubbing Central Connecticut's most time-honored political event.

President Barack Obama
Vice President Joe Biden
Gov. Jodi Rell --- YES
Lt. Gov. Michael Fedele
U.S. Sen. Chris Dodd
U.S. Sen. Joe Lieberman
U.S. Rep. John Larson --- YES
U.S. Rep. Chris Murphy
Gubernatorial hopeful Tom Foley --- YES
Gubernatorial hopeful Dan Malloy --- YES
U.S. Sen. contender Linda McMahon -- YES
Attorney General Richard Blumenthal --- YES
Lt. Gov. hopeful Mark Boughton
Comptroller Nancy Wyman -- YES
Secretary of State Susan Bysiewicz
Secretary of State hopeful Jerry Farrell
Secretary of State hopeful Denise Merrill
Attorney General contender George Jepsen -- YES
Attorney General contender Martha Dean
State Treasurer Denise Nappier
State Treasurer candidate Jeff Wright
State Comptroller candidate Kevin Lembo -- YES
State Comptroller candidate Jack Orchulli
U.S. Rep. hopeful Anne Brickley -- YES
U.S. Rep. hopeful Sam Caligiuri

Candidates: Let me know if you're coming ... or not. Drop me a line at scollins@centralctcommunications.com.
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Anonymous said...

Announcing the invitation list for the Crocodile Club is not the style of Stretch Norton.

But the classless-ness of such a move doesn't surprise me coming from the source in question.

Steve Collins said...

Stretch Norton told many of us who he invited. He also had enough class to use his name when he had a point to make.

Anonymous said...

That's your opinion. I don't see the connection.

Anonymous said...

"Announcing the invitation list for the Crocodile Club is not the style of Stretch Norton. But the classless-ness of such a move doesn't surprise me coming from the source in question."

This comment is incoherant. Does anyone have a theory of what this guy's point is?

Anonymous said...

Saying who is invited is classless? Just a guess, of course. I don't understand why he would say that, but I think that's what the guy is trying to say.

Anonymous said...

Lave it to people with no class not to get it.

1) Will Tommie get his front row seat this year as to stop his incessant, obnoxious, juvenile whining?

2) The CC was an afternoon luncheon for local politicians, community leaders, business-people, an occasional activist, and general people of good character (in the eyes of Stretch) from Bristol and the immediate area to mingle with people from the press and with influential politicians from the state and perhaps beyond.

The main point being that these influencial pols from outside of Bristol would be treated to a nice dinner and be among folks that would be receptive to and amicable towards them. The media of course would be there.

Advertising the event with a list of these guests publicaly is in bad taste, just as would be a dinner party or a private event in any other setting. The key idea here is this was a private event. Stretch did all the invitess himself. Perhaps towards the end of his tenure in doing the invites, Stretch would leak a bit of info (perhaps reluctantly) to Stave Collins but he did not post a "celebrity guest list" or whatever this is to attract the general public.

Anonymous said...

It's becoming clear what this guy's problem is. He's taking a break from his day job with the "World Trade Center Was Bombed by Our Government" group, or maybe the "Obama was Not Born in the US" folks, and is bestowing his party-planning expertise on us rubes here in Bristol.

Anonymous said...

July 22, 2010 1:17 PM:

Yeah, that's a real brainless point but coming from a moron like you, what could anyone expect.

Do these politicians like the publicity that they're attending an event in Bristol, especially if the people in Bristol can vote for them? Surely.

Do they want all comers to an intimate venue with them? Doubtful.

Again did Stretch Norton put out a roll call? No he did not. case closed.

Anonymous said...

Again, will Tommie Toupe' get his front row seat...becawz he's a big shot.

Or will we betrated to his whining complaints again?

Oh I get it. The main reason for this event is so that he finally can get the seat he so rightly deserves.

Steve Collins said...

To the guy who doesn't like roll calls... Stretch ALWAYS announced tbe big shots who were coming. He didn't post a list on the internet, of course, because it would have been impossible.

Anonymous said...


Well there you go. Perhaps you're right for once.

How was this announcement made previously? I don't recall ever seeing it in the Bristol Press. But perhaps unlike most of the clowns attending this even I was too immersed in earning money to have seen it.

Anonymous said...

A critique and a perception of how this event (now being run by new people) was being run was advanced.

The it (I) was attacked and smeared apparently by supporters of the organizers of this event and of Steve Collins. Proving once again that THEY are the ones with no class.

ed dudko said...

Ed Dudko:

Will Frank Nicastro be coming to blow his own horn? Warn me if he does. Whether it's the trumpet or his self-serving bla-bla-bla, I don't want to hear anything from a guy who never worked an honest day in his life. Again, warn me, I'll bring earplugs if that leech on taxpayers attends.

stretch pants said...

Ed Dudko, just give it a rest with your personal vendetta against Frank Nicastro. First of all, you are totally wrong, Frank Nicastro served in the military and worked in a factory before he went on the public dole, so shut up already about that. And please, just let it go about the damned property you owned. You guys had a chance to keep your house and a good chunk of your land and still become millionaires, but you got greedy and chose to fight a losing battle. You still ended up with a lot of money, so get a life, move on, because you are living a pathetic existence right now. Grow flowers, live a little, volunteer to make a positive change instead of bitching and complaining every single damned time you get a chance to.