July 28, 2010

Del Mastro: Nicastro, Dems 'sticking it to the people'

Press release from Peter Del Mastro, Republican state House candidate in the 79th District:
Nicastro Threatens More Of Same If Reelected
Bristol, Connecticut - July 28, 2010 - Peter J. Del Mastro, Republican candidate for the 79th District seat in the Connecticut General Assembly, responded as follows, to comments by Frank Nicastro (D) in a recent Bristol Press article written by Steve Collins.
“Frank claims he will not lose the General Assembly seat he has occupied for four years because people know Democrats stick up for middle class and working people. Stick up for them how? By raising State taxes and fees of all kinds? By accumulating a mountain of debt that will take generations to repay? By dumping unfunded mandates on the City of Bristol that must be paid for by local property tax increases? By catering to lobbyists and special interest groups that ply the halls of the Capital building? This is not sticking up for people, it is sticking it to people”
Del Mastro concluded, “Nicastro and his fellow Democrat incumbents have shown the people of Bristol what they can do when they are in power, and the people of Bristol are saying loud and clear ... Enough is Enough!!!"
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Anonymous said...


Where have you been all this time?

What have you ever done in and for Bristol?

Anonymous said...

Del Mastro's confused again. It's the Republicans raising taxes on the poor to help their rich friends and big businesses out. They always have and always will. They'll say anything for a vote but they had their turn with Bush and dumped a tremendous deficit on the Dems. Now the Republicans think if they blame the Dems (for the deficit) the voters will actually believe their crap and lies.