July 29, 2010

Have storm damage? The city wants to know

If you suffered any losses in last week's tornado and the accompanying storm, the city wants to know more.
There is a form to fill out -- click here for the PDF -- and print. Send a copy to the mayor's office at 111 North Main St./ Bristol, CT 06010.
It's possible you might be able to get some financial help if the city succeeds in getting federal disaster relief. Part of getting that designation is showing how much damage occurred so send 'em in.
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Bob Jelenic said...

I'm still monitoring you and your newspaper.

Steve Collins said...

Then you'll be glad to know we're making money. ;)

Anonymous said...

YOU ARE MAKING MONEY!!!! That is not allowed in the USSA, please walk out your door and give your "profit" to the nearest Obama office and then please apologize to all America for your success!!! Profit is a vety bad word Steve, how dare you....