June 30, 2010

Voters to choose on six charter change proposals

Though half the City Council opposes doubling the length of time elected officials serve between elections, councilors unanimously agreed Tuesday to let voters decide this fall whether to make the change or not.

“I strongly believe the public should have a say,” said city Councilor Ken Cockayne.

The proposed charter changes that councilors agreed to put on the Nov. 2 general election ballot also include requiring mayors to ensure top city supervisors are evaluated annually and a few items that are not considered controversial.

All of the suggested changes by the Charter Revision Commission were backed without dissent, ensuring that six proposed revisions to the city government’s blueprint will find a place on the ballot.  Click here for full story.

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Anonymous said...

Hope that the majority of the voters are smart enough not to support extended terms!

Anonymous said...

11:05 AM: You're entitled to your opinion, but don't bank on the majority of smart voters to agree.

Anonymous said...


The smart voters would.

Anonymous said...

This is just another attempt for Ward to keep his job for four more years, doing nothing. No thanks, I will vote against it. If memory serves me correctly, Ward was against 4 year terms. WHy the change of heart Ward?

Anonymous said...

And be stuck with Ken for double the time!? NO WAY!!!