June 28, 2010

The great electronics meltdown

Shortly after a Bristol police officer ran into a utility pole on Riverside Avenue Saturday night, an electrical surge burned out computers, televisions and other equipment in many homes and offices.
The electronics meltdown may wind up costing City Hall a hefty tab if officials ultimately determine that the city is responsible for the widespread damage.
William Brownstein, a Carleton Place resident, said in an email to city officials that his neighbors and others on Federal Hill saw “the destruction of tens of thousands of dollars of electronic equipment” because of the power surge.

Read the first draft of the story here.

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Anonymous said...

Most folks have home owners - which in turn will go after the City for the claim. If I was one of the home owners I would let my insurance company go after the City.

Anonymous said...

Don't tell Kate!

Anonymous said...

When I lived in Florida we had the option to buy surge protection insurance from the electric company. They have a lot of power surges there and most are caused by lightning strikes. Why is the city responsible? CL&P should pay if you ask me! We pay way to much for electricity. For example I ran my central a/c in florida 24/7/365 and never paid more than $85 a month. In CT I pay over $180 a month and I've installed compact flourecent bulbs throught the house. And save the rude comments, I will be moving back to FL because it is better there. Lets face it, Bristol SUCKS!

Anonymous said...

This is how it works.

If your a city employee you get your claim paid.

If your not you won't get paid.

See the pothole claim.

City employees are the only people who vote.........

Anonymous said...

What if it were just a regular person involved here? Would they be held responsible?

Anonymous said...

surge protectors

Anonymous said...

Don't ask for government money to cover your losses if you want a smaller less intrusive government. You can't have it both ways.