June 17, 2010

Brickley lashed Larson on health care vote

Press release from Ann Brickley, the endorsed Republican congressional candidate in the 1st District:

Brickley Assails Larson Vote to Keep Mandate Requiring All Americans to Purchase Health Insurance
Republican challenger calls on incumbent to explain support of requirement to force all citizens to purchase insurance or face new tax penalties.

Washington, DC – Ann Brickley, the Republican Nominee for the First Congressional District, decried Congressman John Larson’s (D-1st District) recent vote in opposition to a proposal that would have eliminated one of the most onerous aspects of the Health Care Reform initiative that requires all individuals to purchase health insurance coverage.

The call for the repeal of the insurance mandate was under a “motion to recommit” which is a parliamentary procedure used to change bills on the House Floor.  Larson was one of 230 Democrats voting against the measure which was defeated by a vote of  187-230. Brickley pointed out that 21 Democrats did vote in favor of the rolling back the requirement.

“There are certainly many aspects of the Democrats’ health care law that should be rolled back,” Brickley said. “This is probably the most egregious one as it makes every American citizen choose between paying for government-approved health insurance or pay a new tax if they choose not to.”

As Brickley travels throughout the First Congressional District, many individuals, including small business owners have expressed their frustration about the new health care reform law, because it fails to address the primary problem with our national health care system – rising costs.

“The healthcare mandate allows Washington to dictate any private purchase they deem in the best interest of the country…with no restrictions,” Brickley said. “It appears that John Larson and our state’s other congressional representatives want the mandate to remain in place endangering our constitutional rights.  I would like to know why he has put Washington’s legislative demands ahead of what is best for Connecticut’s residents?"

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Anonymous said...

If Brickley really wanted to know why Representative Larson voted as he did, she should have asked him.

Maybe, just maybe, he was carrying out the wishes of his constituency. Did Brickley consider that possibility before she drafted this press release?

Typical rookie politician stunt, and a bad decision on her part.

incumbent OUT !!!! said...

why he has put Washington’s legislative demands ahead of what is best for Connecticut’s residents?" ``````````````````````````
Maybe he has never read the constitution.

Anonymous said...

This whole health insurance mandate will never ever take hold! So does it really matter to argue about something that will never happen?