June 9, 2010


I was sick last week -- nothing serious, as it turns out -- and am still catching up. I'll have some new stuff on here later today.
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Anonymous said...

Patient, or Patience?

Welcome Back, hope all is well now.

Bill Stortz

Anonymous said...

Man, Steve, you get sick a lot.

You, know, good health begins with proper nutrition and plenty of rest. Maybe a vacation at a healthy-lifestyle resort will do the trick?

Good food, good water, stress-free environment. Ahhhhhhhhhh, if only...

Anonymous said...

To June 9, 6:14:
Maybe if your work was on display for the public EVERY DAY, then everyone would know when you were out sick, too, you jerk. Who are you to comment on Steve's health? Steve doesn't owe you or anyone else any explanation, but he's nice enough to provide one.
Meanwhile, year after year, he's delivering every day and if he happens to be out, wish him well instead of being oh so not clever and critical.

Anonymous said...

Take a chill pill June 10, 2010 9:57 PM.

It's sound advice from 6:14 PM.

You should try dealing with your obvious anger issues offline, and consider getting some professional help!

Steve Collins said...

I do OK with proper nutrition but rest is hard to come by. And vacations and resorts on a newspaper reporter's salary are pretty much out of the question.