June 27, 2010

Route 72 extension to open in November

I wrote a handful of stories about the Route 72 extension for today's paper. Here they are:

Route 72: You've come a long way, baby

Traffic on Route 72 will face 'some challenges'

Bristol plans for development of new corridor

I don't see this little piece online so here's another:

How much will it cost?
Pegging the cost of the new Route 72 extension is inherently problematic because so much has been spent over the course of decades that’s not figured into the bottom line from the state.
Manafort Brothers, the New Britain-based general contractor, won the right to build the road three years ago with a $39.7 million bid.
But the state has also spent millions acquiring rights of way, moving utilities, making plans, holding hearings and more.
During groundbreaking for the project, transportation officials guessed that the total tab probably amounted to $61 million over the course of decades. It may even be more, they admitted.
There isn’t a solid figure because the money has come from different transportation accounts, some of which don’t even exist any longer.
But state officials said the construction project is coming in pretty close to budget.
All told, it appears the new road cost a little less than $30 million a mile – or half the per mile cost of the proposed busway between Hartford and New Britain that’s slated to get underway next year. 
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Anonymous said...

Disgusting, stupid, moronic, out-of-control, reckless and big-spending government (the kind that Democrats apparently love).

expected said...

2:07 - try that same evaluation when looking in the mirror.

Anonymous said...

Digusting, stupid, moronic comment. The easy access makes Bristol much more attractive to retailers. It would be reckless NOT to build it.

Anonymous said...


Do we really know the actual cost of the route 72 project?
And how much of it was in previous year dollars?
How many people might use each?

Anonymous said...

The easy exit makes it more attractive for Bristol people to shop elsewhere.

And we know that Bristol people prefer to go out of town, to eat, to shop and so on!

Steve Collins said...

11:06 -- No.
But two-thirds of the cost is for construction, which is pretty much exactly known. But it's hard to guess what a 1961 study is worth in today's dollars, let alone rights of way buys years ago and so on.

give chippens hill to plymouth said...

June 28, 2010 11:12 AM:

Exactly. It also destroyed the property value of everyone on Kenny Street for the sake of Chippens Hill residents like Tim Furey and John Leone (who were the projects biggest backers). It's ironic that we're building a new school on Chippens Hill as well.

Also a small detail: The "entrance ramp" from the new 72 to what will be East Main Street is a complete disaster in the wait. It is the worst planned intersection I have ever seen in my life.

Anonymous said...



The question was somewhat rhetorical, but also to point out that it is difficult, and sometimes not fair to compare projects like this.

Hopefully it will get some people thinking.

Anonymous said...

June 28, 2010 9:48 AM:

Your comment wasn't disgusting but it was stupid and moronic,

Referring to NOT building this highway as "reckless" is about as perverted as Barney Frank.

Anonymous said...

"And we know that Bristol people prefer to go out of town, to eat, to shop and so on!"

Duh! There aren't any shops or restaurants in town because there's no access. Hopefully the new highway is going to change that. I know that it's a real stretch for you, but try to be optimistic.

Anonymous said...


And what access does West Hartford Center have?

New Britain has access but nothing else.

And we are more like New Britain!

Anonymous said...

If people think people will open nice restaurants in the "downtown" because of this stupid highway they're complete idiots and more gullable than a lemming.

Anonymous said...


Or more gullible than some of our elected officials.

Rosenthal is feeding them the "kool aid"

Anonymous said...

If you people are SOOOO unhappy with Bristol, MOVE! Your endless whining about how horrible your own hometown is might be more acceptable if you got off your large derrieres and actually did something to change it. Otherwise, shut up already!

Anonymous said...

June 28, 2010 8:18 PM:

I was happy with the way Forestville was before this highway.

Anonymous said...

8:46 PM: I'm sure you were. People like you don't like change very much, even if it's for the better.