June 15, 2010

City saves on heating costs

Thanks to new boilers at City Hall and a decision to turn down the thermostat in municipal buildings, the city shaved nearly $200,000 off its winter heating bill this year.

A reasonably mild winter also helped, officials admit.

City Councilor Cliff Block said heating costs a year ago totaled $396,000. This year, the cost fell 49 percent to $203,000, he said.

The new boilers are responsible for $134,000 of the savings, Block said, while turning down the temperature for city offices produced the rest of the savings.
“It goes to show we can save money just for turning a thermostat down,” Block said. Click here for the complete story.

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Tim Gamache said...

This is good to see.Hopefully we can duplicate this in other departments.

Anonymous said...

Next Ward is going to take credit for inventing the internet, the cotton gin, and the apollo space program. Does his head know no bounds? Taking credit for the weather? He should tell the priest that on Sunday at church.

Anonymous said...

so does this mean they will start putting money they save back into the rainy day fund? Oh wait..Thats a responsible move!

Anonymous said...

Part of the savings came because of the new boiler. And we got the new boiler ONLY because the old one blew up.
It was not planning on the part of the city, it was total serendipity.

Anonymous said...


It is up to your buddy, Mr. Ward to start making some decisions to cut costs.
So far he has done a remarkable job of side stepping the issue.

Anonymous said...

11:41 PM, I know that bashing Ward is your favorite hobby, but his name wasn't even mentioned in the article. You seem to have a real anger problem...maybe YOU should tell the priest that on Sunday.

Anonymous said...

7:59am - maybe you should ask Ward about his old man fantasies, maybe then you will realize you are protecting a real scum bag.