June 10, 2010

Malloy warns against wiping out tax credits

During a campaign stop in Bristol today, Democratic gubernatorial contender Dan Malloy said he's heard that primary challenger Ned Lamont plans to call for the state to get rid of the many tax credits it has piled up over the years.
"That's probably the most dangerous thing we could probably do," Malloy said.
Malloy said repeatedly that the state has to find ways to lower the cost of doing business in Connecticut.
As best I can tell, Lamont hasn't called for tossing out tax credits yet.
But he did say in a business plan unveiled this spring that the state awards more than $300 million in corporate tax credits annually "yet we haven't created a single net new job in those 20 years" that the GOP.
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Anonymous said...

Lamont is a left-wing nut case. that's why you see the local left-wing nut cases supporting him.

Anonymous said...

how much is he going to spend on this race? 15 million last time.

Anonymous said...


The difference is that Lamont is spending HIS money while Malloy is just starting to spend OURS!