June 30, 2010

Is my neighborhood going downhill or upscale?

Republican gubernatorial hopeful Tom Foley is going to be kicking a can down the street out in front of my house soon.
A horde of television commercial people have camped out, setting up for the former ambassador to come shoot an advertisement today.
They told me he's going to kick a can down the street to symbolize the way politicians in Connecticut have been kicking the deficit from year to year to year.
Somehow they've arranged for perfect weather and even managed to get the lawn care companies that are always causing some machine to roar nearby to go away.
I'll let you know if Foley can kick a can accurately or not.

11 a.m. update - They must not have trusted Foley to kick the can.
Instead, there's a telegenic kid doing it.
And it's the loudest can I ever heard.
Foley's coming later. He'll probably pick up the can or something and tell us how he's different than all the politicians who came before him.

11:05 a.m. update -- Oh, those advertising gurus.
It's not one can, folks. It's a bunch of them.
They're all red.
And each time the kid kicks one along the sidewalk, it gets bigger. Get it? That's clever.
For this year's deficit, he'll probably be pushing a great big giant one.
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Anonymous said...

What, you don't live in Bristol?

Anonymous said...

Is he supposed to be a millionaire @#$ kicker? He lives where? What does he know about poverty? Money to burn I guess!

Anonymous said...

Isn't Foley the one who threatened to "kick" his X-wife? lol. Another Phoney Republican!

Anonymous said...

Perhaps we'd care about you're neighborhood if it was in Bristol not uppity West Hartford. But since it's not ion Bristol, we do not care about this