April 30, 2009

Ward formally declares his bid for a second term

Mayor Art Ward formally declared his intention Thursday to seek a second term in the city’s top job for another two years.
Ward said the post has turned out “quite a bit different than I envisioned it” because of the recession that has clobbered government along with most taxpayers.
Despite the hard times and hard choices, he said, “We can still move Bristol forward. We just need to do it together.”
Ward, a Democrat, attracted about 300 to his $50-a-person fund-raiser at Nuchies, including two gubernatorial candidates, the attorney general, the state comptroller and at least a handful of Republicans.
Attorney General Richard Blumenthal called Ward “a great friend” and insisted the mayor “is always fighting for the public interest, for the people of Bristol.”
Ward, a former state veterans’ counselor, has been unopposed since the only GOP contender dropped out of the race this week for personal reasons. He said, though, he expects to have an opponent again before the race is through.
Ward said that given the tough times, people who have jobs are worried they’ll wind up unemployed and those who have lost jobs already “are worried about surviving.”
He said that looking out for the interests of so many struggling families means he has had to make decisions “that were not very popular” – and doesn’t expect to see it get easier for awhile.
Ward said the key is for everyone “to work together as a team” and put partisanship aside in order to ensure the opportunities provided to people today are still there for “our children and grandchildren.”
“We can do it,” Ward said. “There’s no ifs, ands or buts.”
In times like this, state Comptroller Nancy Wyman said, “Bristol needs a good team” and it needs the “outstanding leadership” Ward has offered.
It will take “hard work, compassion and fiscal responsibility,” said Secretary of the State Susan Bysiewicz.
Stamford Mayor Dan Malloy said Ward “is one of the finest people I’ve had the pleasure of working with” in his 14 years as a mayor. He said Ward is “an honest voice” for the people.’
“Art Ward is the man for the job and I know he will win reelection in November,” said state Rep. Frank Nicastro, a Democrat who served as mayor for a decade.
He said Ward is "willing to work together to get something done."
City Councilor Mike Rimcoski, a Republican, said he came to the event – with a free ticket – because Ward is a friend.
Other Republicans in the room included Zoning Commission Chairman Frank Johnson and Board of Education member Chris Wilson.
There were a wide array of city officials and employees at the event, including three city lawyers, Park Director Ed Swicklas, Water Superintendent Rob Longo and Police Chief John DiVenere.
Ward's campaign co-chairs are Elliott Nelson, the Democratic chairman in Bristol, and Mayra Sampson, a former party chair who is head of a city union local. Both are long-time supporters of Ward.

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Anonymous said...

Did Ken Johnson get a free ticket?

He should have.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Stortz wasn't so bad afer all.

Anonymous said...

The taxpayers lose on this one yet again.

Mary W.

not said...
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W? said...

7:48 - what does the "W" stand for (Mary W.), Wishy Washy?

GONE said...


Anonymous said...

Union Yes Ward No!

Anonymous said...

Rimcoski is so far up Wards _ _ _ it isn't funny!
Rimcoski, how about supporting your party for a change?

Anonymous said...

The Republicans want to make a trade with the Dems. Rimcoski for Terry Parker. It's a big upgrade for the Reps.

Anonymous said...

Where were the congressional democrats: Dodd, Murphy, Larson?

Are they personna non grata?

no way said...

10:05 - why would Terry Parker take a step backward?

Anonymous said...

Stortz was bad. Rimcoski do the honorable thing and become a Democrat.

truth be told said...

10:05 - the gop can't afford to lose rimcoski, he is the onlt republican with any credibility with the taxpayers.

Odin said...

The Bristol GOP is so desperate to have a winning candidate anywhere on the ballot, when Mike says "_ _ _ _" they ask "how much?" He told them not to give him a running mate last time because it would jeopardize his chance of retaining his seat, so the GOP put only his name on the ballot in the First District. Deal with it - the GOP is DOA.

Anonymous said...

Was there any discussion of actual issues, or priorities? I hope Mayor Ward plans some outreach & discussion with voters who aren't paying $50 a pop to hear him speak.

Anonymous said...


Awhile back, Former Mayor Bill Stortz suggetsted that Mayor Ward hold a public session, soliciting ideas of possible savings.

So far, Ward has not done that.


Anonymous said...

Why? Because he is already elected. Ward is a political hack!!

John B.

Anonymous said...

Where was Rosenthal?

Anonymous said...

4:04 (aka Stortz)

Probaby because he doesn't have to listen to your silly suggestions.

Anonymous said...

"hope Mayor Ward plans some outreach & discussion with voters who aren't paying $50 a pop to hear him speak."

Yeah, it's called a phone (I believe he can be e-mailed too!), both are free.

foul ball said...

9:33 - are you complaining because Rosenthal wasn't there because now, you don't have that to dump on - hurts when you get hit in the head with the ball rather than throwing it, doesn't it?

Anonymous said...

Ward told Rosenthal to stay out of the picture.

Anonymous said...

Rosenthal was out fund raising for Ward: he knew that all the union people there would donate anyhow.

Anonymous said...

Mayor Ward likes to find "dirt" on those running against him - Ward needs to be very careful with this, his "dirty laundry" may come out too.

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah I can't wait. Mr. Mayor thinks he is squeaky clean. Hate to break your bubble Artie but we contacted someone who knows you REAL well.


Anonymous said...