April 22, 2009

Pine Street fix is coming

Yeah, they know Pine Street is a mess.
Mayor Art Ward said the contractors working on the Route 72 extension have promised to try to patch up the road as much as possible.
It's not going to be anything beautiful or pristine because, of course, the new state road is going to go right along its path from Yarde Pond to Todd Street. There's no point in repaving something that's going to be rebuilt soon enough.
But officials are trying to do what they can to make it a bit better.

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Anonymous said...

Maybe Ward can then give some attention to CITY OF BRISTOL roads, roads he is responsible for.

Anonymous said...

In the meantime who is going to pay for the alignments and work to the suspentions on our vehicles?

Anonymous said...

whine, whine, whine...

butt talk said...

Pine Street is a city of bristol road stupid, ward is making sure that the state contractor maintains it throughout construction - now what idiot?

Anonymous said...

Now who is going to make sure that Ward maintains the other city roads?

So far he hasn't done it, based on the number of pot holes and other deteriorating areas.

Maybe he can get the state to fix them too!

But then, part of this road problem is the result of his actions (or inactions) when he was the PWKS budget chair!

Anonymous said...

butt talk said...
now what idiot?

April 22, 2009 6:28 PM


Would you like some cheese with that whine ???

where did it go? said...

7:20, ward wasn't on the PWD BOARD during the previous administration when the PWD experienced the hugest increases in monies for road work in history (40%), with that kind of money, we shouldn't have to do any road work for over the next ten years - if they spent on roads.

Anonymous said...

This Wards budget for city strets; Either he didn't budget properly, or he is using the monies elswhere, or didn't plan properly.

And now we are paying!

You've got to be kidding said...

To "Where did it go", I think you needs to goes back to school, (hugest increases)????

Anyways, what's all the fuss about? Why is everything on Ward's back?
Paving the streets would be the Public Works Dept. and you should call the Superintendent of Streets to complain about the condition of Pine St.

This is the worst time of the year for potholes, it happens every year so nothing is new. Some years are worse than others, and with the construction going on it just exacerbated the situation. Besides, I don't believe that they make asphalt all winter so they have to use a road patch which is temporary.

I drive over the same roads every day and I don't like the condition of the roads and what it does to my vehicle, but I am a reasonable person and can see what's going on around the area. I know that eventually, the road will be done right and all the bumps and holes disappear. In the meantime, I take a detour to avoid the worse roads which is what all you moaners and groaners and Ward haters should do.

Anonymous said...

"Why is everything on Ward's back?"

...because if they don't find fault with Ward, they'd only have the merits of their own candidate to talk about...so they'd have absolutely nothing to say! ;0)

Anonymous said...


The Super of PW works for Ward, he works with the resources Ward has given him.

Pot holes happen every year, but with proper maintenance, they are minimal compared to what we are experiencing this year.

And why should I have to spend more time and money because the city is mismaaged?

Anonymous said...

There are way too many potholes all around the city.

Lets go mayor, get on the ball!