April 28, 2009

'Rock For Wishes' needs help

For months, Troy Wilson has been working on a "Rock For Wishes" fund-raiser to collect money for the Make-A-Wish Foundation.
He's got five bands coming to the May 9 event and plans for an outdoor pig roast, too.
But the corporate sponsor that had promised to pony up $1,500 to cover the costs has backed out, Wilson said, so he's "feeling desperate."
He said he's looking for tax-deductible donations to ensure that the event is a success.
Slated to begin at 4 p.m. Saturday, May 9 at Bleacher's Sports Bar and Restaurant on Middle Street, the money raised will go to help the foundation make dreams come true for sick children who may face a bleak future.
If you can lend a hand, contact Wilson at (860) 544-5246 or (860) 384-4296.

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soaringeagle2869 said...

this person actualy promised me since january then come time to give me the check I got the run around all day sunday then he was gonna leave at a store I go to then Ill leave in my truck for ya then it came to not even returning a phone call finaly at 4pm monday I get a text stating Ill pay you tommorrow just a bogus thing to do to the Make A Wish Foundation home number is 584-5246