April 27, 2009

Larson's cash crushes GOP foes

Over the past five elections, U.S. Rep. John Larson has raked in $4.67 million in campaign donations while his five Republican challengers have, collectively, raised less than $100,000.
Three of the challengers raised no money at all.
Larson, who has easily buried opponents on Election Day, has raised 49 cents for every penny collected by GOP hopefuls who have taken aim at his 1st District seat since 2000.
Larson, the East Hartford Democrat who represents Bristol, has raised more money from both United Technologies and The Hartford than his challengers have managed to scrounge up from everyone.
In the past four elections, the Republicans have raised $14,000 to oppose Larson. He's raised $4 million.
Larson has pushed for public financing that would even the playing field.
"Elections should be decided on the basis of who the best candidate is, not just who raises the most money. And, members of Congress should be freed to spend their time legislating rather than fundraising," Larson said last fall, after promoting the Fair Elections Now measure.
But so far the Congress has refused to follow the lead of Connecticut and other states that have sought to make financing both more fair and less time-consuming for politicians.
Republicans in Congress generally oppose the idea.

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Anonymous said...

The man with the dough makes the rules .

Anonymous said...

Larson needs to go.