April 23, 2009

Concession talks underway

Mayor Art Ward and a number of top city officials are meeting this afternoon with municipal union leaders about possible measures that could reduce costs and relieve the pressure to lay off workers to save money.
About two dozen officials jammed into a meeting room starting at 1:30. I have no idea how long they'll be there.
There probably won't be much accomplished today. It's mostly a chance to put some cards on the table and see what, if anything, might be worth pursuing in the days and weeks ahead.
The city is eyeing as many as 30 layoffs to trim its costs, but Board of Finance and elected officials say they don't want to put anyone on the unemployment line if they can help it.
Union officials have said they have some cost-saving steps they may propose.
I'll let you know what, if anything, I can find out about what gets said.

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Anonymous said...

The Unions know that Wards re-election rides on their making him look good.

Lets see how much he gives away, now and after the election?

childish said...

kenny, stop whining and be a positive part of the process and not the source of increasing the problem; meaning - GROW UP.

loser said...

how about this, I'll give you ken cockayne..........forget it, no one should start off a deal with a minus.

never said...

8:25 - that's a deal?

out of sight said...

not even for the gop - send cockayne to hartford where he can be hidden.

horriffic said...

like the rest of our hartford politicians - in the hands of the leaders - wish that they would represent us little people instead of the big guys.