April 14, 2009

On being at least a little polite...

When somebody today wrote a comment expressing the hope that an anonymous poster would find his head squished beneath a garbage truck, I realized that I need once again to remind one and all to try to be civil.
Take issue with ideas. Argue about policies. Quarrel, even, about who's to blame for the mess we're in. But, please, don't just go attacking one another.
Is there anything more stupid that one anonymous commenter trying to smack around another for sniping at politicians from the bushes?
Many of you have adopted monikers or handles -- and a few brave souls are even using their own names (thank you!) -- but there are still quite a few who are just basking in total anonymity. If you're going to do that, my tolerance for personal attacks will be very, very low. You can post reasonable dialogue anonymously, but not mean-spirited nonsense.
C'mon, folks, let's grow up.

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Broken Record said...

Well stated
Well stated, once
Well stated, once again,
Well stated, once again, Mr.
Well stated, once again, Mr. Collins!

UnionBasher said...

Ok Steve, you convinced me to get a user name. Happy now?

Stubborn Farmer said...

Oh yeah. Well why don't you grow up you Red Sox, Springsteen loving carpetbagger who hates heavy metal music.

Steve Collins said...

Nah, Stubborn Farmer, I don't think so.