April 17, 2009

State declares Bristol Armory 'surplus' property

The state has decided to get rid of the vacant Armory in Bristol that served the Connecticut National Guard for generations.

“It’s good news for Bristol,” said state Rep. Frank Nicastro, a Democrat who has represented the 79th District for the past two years.

The massive three-story brick building at 61 Center St. has been empty since the 102nd Infantry unit that had been based there moved to New Britain last spring.

Robert Genuario, who heads the state’s Office of Policy and Management, wrote recently that state agencies have indicated they have no use for the historic structure.

“This property may be treated as surplus,” Genuario wrote to the state public works commissioner.

Nicastro said he’s been told the state “probably will not be giving over the Armory for free” as it may have done in the past.

But, he said, the city “has a shot” at taking it over at low cost.

City leaders have talked for years about the looming closure of the Armory, but don’t have a plan in place for its reuse.

The building is assessed for $5.2 million, but officials have said it will take substantial investment to renovate the structure. It may simply be torn down.

Mayor Art Ward has said it is “totally unsafe” the way it is now. Nicastro has said it needs an “unbelievable” amount of work,

Officials have speculated that it could be overhauled for housing or offices given its key location downtown.

But with no solid plan, it’s hard to say what might happen.

The state and city are likely, however, to be talking soon about the building’s fate. Whether the public will have a say is less clear.

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Anonymous said...

The cit wil probably buy it and give it to Carpenter.

Or pay him to rear it down and then give it to him.

Anonymous said...

Only Frank Nicastro would go on autopilot and declare another vacant, deteriorating building downtown as good news. Does he really think every time he speaks we all reach for the Kool-Aid?

Anonymous said...

I know this is a little off topic , but , I was absolutely AMAZED the Press actually printed a positive story about the U.S. military .

I guess now that their candidate is in office things changed a bit .

Now ..... maybe the school teachers are going to stop calling them NAZI'S .

Steve Collins said...

11:45 -- Do you read the Press? In this military-minded town, do you really think the paper would have ever been anti-military?
On a personal note, my father was a career Air Force officer. My brother served in the U.S. Army. I've been on aircraft carriers and airplanes, clambered on tanks and spent much of my life surrounded by military people. I know what it takes. And I appreciate those who are serving our country.
I'm not sure you do, though, since you would launch an ignorant, anonymous attack on a paper that's always been tremendously supportive of our fighting men and women, and our veterans.

Anonymous said...

I agree with 11:45; I was amazed too.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your comments Steve. There are a number of people in this town who have lost loved ones, have loved ones serving or touched in someway by those serving. Our veterans in this community don't forget that. To name a few, The Korean War Veterans, Lori DeFillippi who conducts a program every year for the high schools students to learn about the sacrifices of those from this city gave, the veteran council who conducts various veteran ceremonies - veterans never forget the sacrifices and neither should any of us!

welcome home said...

1:41 pm - Steve, you are 100% correct in your assessment of the feelings of the people of the city of Bristol with regard to the military and the service of the citizens of this community.
For those who cannot associate themselves with the horrors of combat - be thankful - but don't attempt to demonize that of which you have been blessed to have not had to experience.
Combat exposure cannot be taught, it is an absolute experience which, if you have not been personally exposed to, you will NEVER realize.

Anonymous said...

So basically the State is handing over a problem property that is in need of a lot of work or needs to be torn down to Bristol thus making it Bristol's (i.e., the Bristol taxpayer's) problem? Can someone explain the upside to this?

get a grip said...

8:17 - the city doesn't have to accept it.

Anonymous said...

The upside is the city and all Bristol taxpayers will be in possession of property that can be sold or used for some other public good.

Sure hope the building is salvaged or reclaimed before demolition, if that is its fate. There must be some re-usable material in it.

Anonymous said...

They should turn it in to a Homeless Shelter and Drug Rehab facility. This way all the bums will have somewhere to go instead of making out downtown look like crap. Blondies hot dog shack should be complaing about the drug rehab place across the street from them...the old arrow drug place. All the druggies and people on probation go there for AA and Narcotic rehab meetings everyday. What a lovely crowd we have.

Anonymous said...

Have we not learned anything from the mall purchase? Many people have reached the boiling point with local (and state,federal) politicians taking about spending money! We don't have any money! Read the article in the Courant today about 3,500 biz' leaving CT! Let the state put the property up for sale and let a private person/company buy the property!

Anonymous said...

Or maybe they should turn it into some sort of psychiatric facility for those poor depressed souls who go through life bitching and moaning about everything.

Anonymous said...

Why doesn't the city refurbish it and use it as a police station? It was built to be secure. The BPD is always complaining they're running out of room and that there are all kinds of problems with the space that was built for them back in the '60's.

Anonymous said...

If it was worth anything, the State would keep it or sell it themselves.

If we take it, what will the maintenance costs be?

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure you do, though, since you would launch an ignorant, anonymous attack on a paper that's always been tremendously supportive of our fighting men and women, and our veterans.

April 18, 2009 1:41 PM


APPARENTLY when someone points out the OBVIOUS to stephen , he gets quite upset .

btw stephen , I also do NOT recall the press running any postive stories about Iraq when there was a republican in the white house .

Anonymous said...

Take it and sell it to a developer. I would like a loft-style condo with some brick walls, industrial style light fixtures, stainless appliances and a good sized shower. Are you reading this, Mr. Carpenter?

duh said said...

5:36 - duh

Anonymous said...


Thank you Mr. Ward.