September 1, 2009

Wright was among the no votes

Two Bristol lawmakers -- Republican Bill Hamzy and Democrat Chris Wright -- were among those who opposed the spending plan approved last night by the General Assembly.
The rest of the delegation -- Sen. Tom Colapietro and Reps. Frank Nicastro and Betty Boukus -- voted in favor of it.
I'm anxious to hear from Hamzy and Wright about their reasons for taking a stand against it. Wright, especially, made a gutsy - or stupid - move in opposing his party's leadership.
I haven't been able to reach Wright for comment.

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Anonymous said...

Wright wants to get re-elected

Concerned Conservative said...

I'm impressed with Wright if his "no" vote was because of too much spending, not enough cuts.

By his rhetoric in the past, it makes me wonder if he thought taxes should have been increased more than the Democrat plan did.

Anonymous said...

CC you would be cause that's the only word you can spell. "No"

Anonymous said...

Wright is finally right!

Anonymous said...

Ooooooo, he opposed his Dem leaders! Maybe he's one of the few who can think for himself, and/or listens to his constituents. God knows most of his Democrat friends don't do either one.

Anonymous said...

And you Hamzy lovers can thank him for the budget? LOL Dr. No hasn't accomplished anything. He always takes the cowards way out. You can sure tell he's a republican.

Anonymous said...

No one should be thanked for this lousy budget. It stinks.