September 22, 2009

Alford hails ESPN's offer to help boys club

Press release from Republican mayoral candidate Mary Alford:

Alford: Community Development at its Best

Republican Mayoral candidate Mary Alford calls the recently announced project to bring ESPN and The Bristol Boy’s and Girls Club together, “The best way to develop a community”.

“Whenever a large corporate entity like ESPN, who is our city’s largest taxpayer, can partner with a community based organization like the Boys and Girls Club it becomes a win-win for all, especially for our kids.” Alford said.

The gift offered by ESPN will be used to help the Bristol Boys and Girls Club move from its current location on Laurel Street to a new location on West Street that will host a new facility that is badly needed.

“This opportunity is facilitated by the City and the State and is the best way to move community projects like this forward instead of relying on things like a government stimulus. “ Alford said.

“In addition to the partnership created by all of the above entities, it frees up space for further enhancements and support for the downtown mall project. The space on Laurel Street offers many options for developers to incorporate into the overall project” Alford said.

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wow said...

sure looks like moccabee is writing her material because schaffrick sure ain't that smart.

Anonymous said...

Just more stating the obvious...Come on, Mary. You can do better.

Good Start said...

“I just think it’s phenomenal,” said Bristol Mayor Art Ward. “The timing is exquisite.”

Looks like Arty is doing the same as Mary.

That aside, here's my beef. Why doesn't anyone see this as simply a good start?

Tell me, besides paying taxes in Bristol, what ESPN-backed community project have they supported? Sure, a lot of little donations here and there (and I don't want to appear ungrateful to ESPN), but nothing big. Remember, ESPN is owned by Disney. It's literally their sacred cash cow. There's an angle being worked from the corporate top floor corner office. After all, we're talking about a project that will primarily benefit and develop kids (and hopefully create jobs). These kids and all Bristol citizens will be indebted to ESPN for this gesture. If that doesn't create a loyal base of consumers, then nothing will. So, don't look a gift horse in the mouth, but let's be realistic, too. There's a marketing strategy behind this alignment and investment in Bristol.

That said, Disney/ESPN could do much more!

Anonymous said...

What about Bristol's fiscal mess?

Any comments Mary?

Anonymous said...


The blind leading the blind.

Anonymous said...

Mrs. Alford, what is the differnce between a "stimulus" and aid from the state?

Anonymous said...

Schaffrick's smarter than most of them on the Bristol GOP TC.

sensible said...

9:42 - very easy to understand the reason for the local gop's plight then.

Anonymous said...


That is why Schaffrick and Mocabee can lead them around by the nose.
And that is why they are going down the tubes.

Mary would be wlll advised to be her own person.

Anonymous said...


Be careful, don't incur Schafricks and Mocabees wrath.
Stortz did and he is now on the outside liiking in

AnonymousWestconnStudent said...
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Anonymous said...


Sad, but true.

Anonymous said...

7:34 - Where he belongs

Anonymous said...


Meanwhile, the Republicans are going down the tubes and have become the laughing stock of the city.

Mainly because of the BIG THREE, Schaffrick, Mocabee, Barnes.

None has ever won anything, and certainly are not helping any of the candidates.

They should have been able to beat Ward in a laugher, but might be lucky to end up with more than one council seat.