September 26, 2009

Eyeing the German election in The Tattoo

Youth Journalism Internatkional senior reporter Katie Grosser lets the world know what young voters in Germany are thinking as the country heads to the polls to elect a new parliament and perhaps a new government, too. Read all about it here.
For those who don't know, The Tattoo is an online newspaper featuring the work of young writers in more than 20 countries and most U.S. states, including many in our home state of Connecticut. It's in its 16th year and won many, many awards for some stellar work.
You can follow it online at and, along with social media sites. It's at and on Twitter @yjinternational.
The whole thing is run by yours truly and my wife, reporter Jackie Majerus, on a volunteer basis. We refuse to give up on journalism. It has a future!

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Concerned Conservative said...

The pro-business, conservatives won. Pro-labor liberals lost.

A win for the German people.