September 1, 2009

Wright opposed so much borrowing

Freshman state Rep. Chris Wright, a Bristol Democrat, said he voted against the budget "just because I was so concerned about the amount of borrowing" involved.
He said the spending plan took on too much debt for a state that's already borrowed heavily.
The $2.5 billion in additional debt that lawmakers have approved to balance the booke, he said, "just too much for us to be taking on at this point."
Wright was one of nine Democrats in the House to oppose the measure. The final vote was 103 to 45, with Republican providing most of the opposition. The Senate backed it 22-13.

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Concerned Conservative said...

So in other words he'd rather just raise the corporate and individual income tax?

Anonymous said...

Rep Wright was correct about the borrowing but as CC points out for all the wrong reasons.

Let's face facts. Rep Wright is at the extreme left of the party. You have to go some to be left of Speaker Donovan.

Voters will have to take a long hard look at whether or not they want to return such an anti-business, anti-job and anything for organized labor person back to the GA in November 2010.

Let's hope not because frankly he's dangerous.

Anonymous said...

CC Why are you such a unhappy soul? Seems like all you do is criticize !
Go eat some worms .

Anonymous said...

September 1, 2009 4:38 PM:

If you're happy with this budget (which you probably are being the crude, ignorant person you are) than you must be eating something more potent than worms.

CC does this blog a great service. CC is articulate and offers a clear, thoughtful and mature opinion. CC also isn't pretending to be a leader while being merely a poser.

AnonymousWestconnStudent said...

Concerned Conservative:

Better to soak the rich than drown the poor!

But then again that's not life in Conservative America.

Anonymous said...

CC is and has always been a moaner and that's probably why you like him. Your the same way!