September 2, 2009

The Bristol Stomp

Though the Dovells weren't singing about our Bristol, it's still kind of fun to hear their hit "Bristol Stomp," which surely can make some stomp right here in Connecticut:

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Anonymous said...

Bristol Stomp! Bristol Stomp! Bristol Stomp!

Anonymous said...


Tim Gamache said...

Nice flashback Steve.Old enough to remember when it was a hit(and of course we were SURE it was about our fair city).

NOT mine said...

we were SURE it was about our fair city).

September 3, 2009 11:41 AM


Waaaaaay back then it was possible to believe our bristol was a nice place to live .

Anonymous said...

But we have a new generation called "Republicans" Do nothing ,complaining, useless, anonymous hatemongers. And don't forget "if" you're lucky, you'll live long enough to look back on the good ol days. You will get old too.