August 14, 2014

Witch's Dungeon to stay in Bristol

The Witch's Dungeon Classic Movie Museum isn't moving to New York after all.
It's moving instead to the Bristol Historical Society's quarters in the city's first high school on Federal Hill.
Cortlandt Hull, the museum's linchpin, said the new place will be larger by far than the small outbuilding on Battle Street that has housed it for 48 years.
This fall, the display will offer more life-size figures than ever along with original movie props Hull has acquired over the years.
Hull said that Jim Albert, the president of the Bristol-based Central Connecticut Chambers of Commerce, is largely responsible for making it possible for the museum to stay in its hometown.
I'll have much more about this in the days and weeks ahead.
It's a relief to all of us who know what treasures Cortlandt has to see a resolution that saves the museum for Bristol while simultaneously lending a hand to the historical society and its underappreciated assets. 

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