August 11, 2014

Betts predicts Foley, Bacchiocci as GOP primary winners

Here's what state Rep. Whit Betts, a Bristol Republican, predicts for Tuesday's GOP primary:

"Turnout for the primary on Tuesday will be low. A lot of folks are on vacation this
week, and they will not be here to cast a vote (although they could with an absentee ballot).

"My guess is a low turnout helps [John] McKinney while a large one will likely be good news for [Tom] Foley.

"Whichever campaign gets out their targeted supporters to vote will win. Based on what I have hear and been told there is more support for Foley because a lot of folks are upset with McKinney over his support for the new gun law. Further, I believe Foley beat [Dannel] Malloy in Bristol in the last gubernatorial race in 2010. So I expect Foley will win in this area.

"Personally, I think both Foley and McKinney will support Bristol because of the good working relationships they have with many of the Republicans leaders in Bristol and Plymouth.

"With respect to Lt. Governor's race my guess is [Penny] Bacchiocci will win in a tight contest. Of the 3 candidates my sense is she has the experience and organization for getting out her base of supporters to vote. However, if the voter turnout in Fairfield County is heavy than [Dave] Walker may end up winning. I don't see [Heather] Somers winning based on the aggressive ad she just put out against Walker. This type of negative ad suggests she had to do something dramatic to counter low ratings that she internally may have discovered from a poll survey."

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