August 13, 2014

Don't count Rydingsward out for good

Though Mary Rydingsward came up short in the primary fight Tuesday to see who the Democrats would back for registrar, don't count her out of politics yet.
The final tally against former city Councilor Kevin McCauley was pretty close. And he was always pretty good at racking up votes in his council races.
It's certainly possible that Rydingsward could jump into the municipal election next year as a 1st District City Council candidate -- watch out, Eric Carlson! -- or perhaps even for mayor. She could perhaps give possible mayoral contender Ellen Zoppo-Sassu a tough fight if that ever came to a primary.
After all, even after Tuesday's loss, Rydingsward still has winning record in primary campaigns. And she's never hesitated to take on the Democrats' chosen candidate.
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Anonymous said...

I urged Mary to run for mayor whether she won or lost this registrar primary. I hope she does. - Rick Kriscenski