August 12, 2014

Voters scarce in Bristol, but there are a few

Bristol Elks Club this morning
You have to look pretty hard to find a voter in Bristol today.
Though both Republicans and Democrats are holding a primary, turnout has been abysmal so far.
Registrars office this morning
In the most hotly contested race, the GOP had turned out 242 voters in the first three hours of the day -- out of a total of 6,525 in all. That's a measly 3.7 percent.
Even so, I did find a voter.
At Greene-Hills School, Jim Couture, who brought along his young daughter, said he headed to the polls to protect his Second Amendment rights.
Couture said he based his choices on which candidates defended gun rights best, casting his vote in the Republican primary for former Ambassador Tom Foley. Foley, the endorsed gubernatorial contender, is facing a challenge from state Senate Minority Leader John McKinney.
The Democrats aren't seeing much of a turnout either, but didn't have solid numbers available.
Outside the Bristol Elks Club, former city Councilor Kate Matthews said she couldn't wait to get inside and vote for "the best darn choice for Democratic registrar of voters," her former council colleague, Kevin McCauley.
McCauley, who has the party's backing, is facing a primary against the incumbent, Mary Rydingsward.
Since Rydingsward has twice before beaten her party's chosen candidates for registrar, party officials are worried that McCauley might face a tough time.

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