August 2, 2014

Crocodile Club coming in September

One of the nation’s longest-standing political events, the Crocodile Club dinner at Lake Compounce, will be back again this year.
The Sept. 5 gathering, a fundraiser for the New England Carousel Museum, is expected to draw its normal crowd of politicians expected to adhere to the time-honored tradition of carving out the afternoon for humor and friendship over a meal of lamb and fried corn.
“We’re hoping to play to a packed house,” said Louise DeMars, the director of the museum.
She said that with so many political races going on, there’s a good chance for a large turnout because so many politicians are searching “for a stage in the arena.” Click here for full story.

This is one of those time-honored traditions that anyone who cares about Bristol, politics or history should be damn sure to attend. Let it die and something special will have slipped away forever.
The money it costs goes to the New England Carousel Museum, a worthy charity by any standards, so there's no excuse to stay home. Go if you can. It's a little quaint and sometimes corny but it's a once-a-year opportunity to share a meal with a lot of interesting people you usually see only on television.

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