May 10, 2013

The new Kevin Fuller? Bet on Mayra Sampson

Though Mayor Art Ward said he's ready to name his pick to succeed former city Councilor Kevin Fuller, who resigned recently, it's pretty obvious he plans to tap Mayra Sampson for the part-time post.
Sampson, a former city Democratic Party chairwoman, has long been a close ally of Ward's and is well known and liked within city government. She heads the union local that represents most of the workers at City Hall.
Republican city councilors said Sampson called all of them this week and had pleasant conversations with them. It doesn't appear they'll attempt to block her nomination.
Ward said he won't pick someone who intends to run for the 1st District seat so Sampson would likely  serve only until voters pick a new city councilor in the November general election.
One funny thing: Sampson once pegged the five GOP councilors serving today as "the five amigos," which they proudly embraced as a new moniker.
Now I think they'd make a good rock band name: Mayra and the Five Amigos.
Ward said he would likely announce his pick by Monday. The council is slated to pick Fuller's replacement at Tuesday's meeting.
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