May 2, 2013

Ward taps Cockayne as designated replacement

Ken Cockayne, left, and Art Ward
Mayor Art Ward has chosen three-term city Councilor Ken Cockayne to serve as acting mayor, a designation that makes it possible for the senior Republican councilor to step into the mayor's shoes if Ward falls ill or can no longer serve.
Cockayne is the GOP's mayoral candidate.
Ward had to pick one of the five Republican councilors for the charter-mandated position after the council's only Democrat, Kevin Fuller, resigned Wednesday.
Cockayne has served in place of Ward before, filling in for him when Ward was in a coma after choking on a piece of steak in 2010.
After Ward's recovery, the city put in place new procedures to ensure the acting mayor slot would be held by one councilor picked by the mayor. The designation remains in effect unless the mayor revises it.

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