May 29, 2013

Brown's address to the Democratic Town Committee

Here's the prepared text for City Council hopeful Calvin Brown's address to the Democratic Town Committee last night:

Hello everyone. My name is Calvin Brown. I am a lifelong resident of Bristol; a 2011 graduate of Bristol Eastern High School; and a rising junior at Central Connecticut State University, studying Political Science in the Honors Program.
I believe this city needs new leaders and new ideas. Younger generations need to be engaged and invested in this city's long term health and prosperity. That’s why, as someone who is committed to this city and the true ideals of public service, I gladly declare my candidacy for City Council in Bristol’s first district.
The City of Bristol, as well as the state, the country, and the rest of the world is in a period of transition. This city will need to be in a position of relevance to the new economic climate. We will need to capitalize on our assets, visualize our future, and ensure our long-term health and prosperity.
Some naysayers may claim that I am too young or inexperienced to lead the charge. I disagree. The truth of the matter is that the major changes we see all around us in the world today have been driven by the technological savvy and innovative spirit of the younger generation.
Bristol needs new leaders and new ideas. Younger generations need to be engaged in decisions about the City’s future. That’s why I’m a supporter of Bristol Rising and the Renaissance downtown revitalization efforts. It is important to note that much of the business plan upon which this project is based is dependent on appealing to young up-and-comers. I feel that my age gives me a unique advantage over any other Council candidate as far as being able to help the city reach the very people it will be relying on to attain these long term goals.
One of the best ways to ensure a healthy future for Bristol is to invest in education. I believe that Bristol’s schools are this city’s greatest assets. If you’ll give me the chance to be on the City Council, then the elected members of our Board of Education can count on me to be a reliable and supportive ally to our teachers, school faculty, parents, and students all across this city. I believe that the young people of our community are the future. Investing in them now will pay off tomorrow.
I’m a student of government. I believe in the power of democracy.  I believe elected officials have the moral responsibility to serve their offices and their constituencies with integrity and honesty. As a Democrat, I believe we should treat our public servants with dignity and respect. In fact, we should treat all our citizens with decency, and we need to provide an opportunity for our brothers and sisters all across this city the opportunity to garner for themselves the best life possible; and a platform from which they can voice their concerns about the city.
I don’t have all the answers. I don’t know everything there is to know. But I do know I can act with integrity and honesty. I know I can bring energy, enthusiasm, and experience to this office. And I know I can learn about the things I do not know. I’ll seek the advice and the input of any of you who would be willing to give it to me.

I ask you for your support in this endeavor, by considering me for your vote as a member of the City Council from Bristol’s first District. If you're interested in supporting my candidacy or learning more, please like me on Facebook at “Calvin Brown for City Council-Bristol 1st” and/or follow me on Twitter @calvin4council.

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