May 23, 2013

Republican council contender emerges in 1st District

A Bristol native, Tom Hick, announced on the Bristol Republicans Facebook page that he plans to see election in the 1st District this year. Here's what he wrote:

Tom Hick
I will be seeking nomination for city council in the first district of the city of Bristol. I believe with my experience I will be able to work with all the different areas of the city to ensure that we keep the city moving in a positive direction, while controlling spending and keeping taxes stable. There are some important and interesting changes happening in the city and we will need to have a strong leadership team in place to ensure things are done in the tax payer’s interest. Below is some information about myself and some of the projects I see evolving in the near future that will need strong leadership.

About me
Born and raised in Bristol
I married my wife Michelle in 2008 and we have a daughter Emily that is 15 months old
I have worked at Aetna since December 1999, I have held multiple positions since joining Aetna as a temporary employee in 1999 including claim error correction analyst, trainer, team Lead and I am currently a project lead. Prior to working at Aetna, I was employed at CT Spring and Stamping in the maintenance department from 1994 – 1999.
Hobbies – Along with spending time with my Family, I enjoy maintaining, driving and showing my classic cars and currently have a 1965 Pontiac GTO and 1955 Chevy pickup. I also enjoy riding my motorcycle with my friends and hopefully finding a new coffee shop while we are out.

The widening of RT 6 – this should assist with the constant congestion in our area and provide our current and future businesses/customers easier access for the main artery into our city.

Creating and retaining businesses in our city - there are currently some exciting projects to market the city of Bristol, we need to make it a priority to open our doors to new businesses and ensure our current businesses have the support they need. I intend to work with our city and state representatives to make sure this happens.

Continued improvements to our public housing complexes and senior activities - I believe our senior citizen community is more active than ever and we need to ensure we provide an affordable, safe, secure and interesting environment for them.

The Depot Square development (mall Site) – there are lots of exciting things that will be happening with this property, I heard the ground breaking will be taking place this year and the city’s leadership will have to be very involved to make sure the community’s voice is heard.

Public involvement – I think there are some awesome people in this city that would be willing to volunteer their time, personal and professional experiences if the process was explained and shared with a larger audience.

If you have any questions, suggestions or time to help, I can be reached at the below email address and through my Facebook page.

If you would like to make a donation please contact Gary at


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