May 31, 2013

Hey, Connecticut! This man is coming to steal your business

South Carolina state Rep. Alan Clemmons of Myrtle Beach was on a plane early this morning, pictured above, to head to Connecticut to try to convince five gun manufacturers to give up on the Nutmeg State and move south. 
He said he is excited about his prospects but sad for the 2nd Amendment's treatment in Connecticut.
Stuart Kaufman, a South Carolina resident, told the legislator, "Let them know that we value and welcome them. If the people of Connecticut want to be stupid, that's their loss and our gain."
One of this Twitter followers told him, "Don't forget to remind them about mild winters, great people, beautiful beaches, and hoards of pro-2A folks!"
Another told him, "any gov would be a fool to ignore this formula. good business climate + invitation = success."
Among the companies he's expected to visit is the Bristol-based PTR Industries, a gun maker that's already said it is leaving the state soon because of restrictive new gun control laws adopted this spring.
Mike Nicastro, president of the Central Connecticut Chambers of Commerce, said the legislator's effort is typical of the hard-charging economic development efforts of Sun Belt states. They are constantly trying to raid the region to try to convince companies to pull up stakes and move to Dixie, he said.
Nicastro said that whatever happens with PTR, he can't blame them. He said PTR's owners are moving only because they believe they have no choice given the law's restrictions.
Clemmons, a sponsor of a resolution inviting gun makers to move to South Carolina, reached out to PTR shortly after the company declared its intention to leave the state.
Company Chief Executive Officer Josh Fiorini said that among the places he's checked out is Horry County, S.C., where Clemmons lives.
PTR has not yet announced where it will go.

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