November 2, 2010

Wright, Nicastro, Betts win

Two incumbent Democratic state representatives, Frank Nicastro and Chris Wright, had little trouble winning reelection. Nicastro creamed challenger Pete Del Mastro while Wright won pretty handily his rematch against Republican Jill Fitzgerald.
In the open 78th District seat, Republican Whit Betts whomped Democrat Rich Covello, a former Plymouth mayor.
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Anonymous said...

Another loss to Ellen Zoppo! Guess you'll only have McCauley and Mathews strings too pull!

Anonymous said...

steve - wright won by approx 300 votes, get your facts straight. that is recount land in most places and considered a sqeaker. handily? give me a break...

Anonymous said...

10:59 PM, You forgot Mary Rydingsworth. She's one of the lap dogs too!

Steve Collins said...

Actually, 12:45 a.m., Wright won by nearly 400 voters for a victory by 6 percentage points. A 10 percent win is considered a landslide so I think "pretty handily" is a fair description of what happened.

Anonymous said...

Republican Whit Betts whomped Democrat Rich Covello

At least Terryville has some honor .

Anonymous said...


A 10% is considered a landslide? In a Presidencial perhaps but in Bristol? Are you a friggin' ding-bat? Come on.

But I admit that Wright, the reject that he is, did win good enough to knock Fitzgerald out of this race for good.

Anonymous said...

Too bad that the RTC was not of much help to Fitzgerald

Anonymous said... are obviosuly out of the loop. Jill Fitzgerald was given every possible piece of help the BRTC had to give. She did not work..she was out visiting people over weekends when she should have been campaigning,including this past weekend. Her defeat was her own doing and that of her husband who ran her campaign. The party upheld it's end of the bargin, she let the party down.

To 9:09 - Ms Out of the Loop said...


You act like an insider, but didn't say one true thing in your post. Jill worked tirelessly to the point of exhaustion and blistery bloody feet. Further, her husband did not run her campaign. Jill is one of the hardest working people I know. She has a huge heart and would have been a great public servant to and for Bristol. I am blessed to call her my wife. Our life is full beyond the shallowness of politics, and we enjoy getting our life back. :) We have no regrets, made many great new friends and learned a lot in the process.

If you want to debate this further or get your facts right, call me. I am in the book.

Shawn Fitzgerald
Bristol, CT

Anonymous said...


Apparently the RTC did not have much left to give after they gave their all to Welch and Betts.