November 15, 2010

Busway critics pin hopes on Malloy

Critics of the proposed busway between New Britain and Hartford have new hope they can hit the brakes on the $573 million plan.
But supporters of the project – which would create nearly 1,000 construction jobs – say the 9.4-mile roadway must go forward.
“We’re full steam ahead,” Mayor Timothy Stewart of New Britain said Monday.
Two transportation-related items that critics hope may sway Gov.-elect Dan Malloy to kill the controversial busway are a new scheme to reconstruct Interstate 84 through Hartford and the legislature’s failure to approve a plan to replace Hartford’s Broad Street bridge.
For Stewart, the issues are designed “to create controversy just to muddy the waters” and have no merit.
He said Malloy “would be kind of silly” to shelve the busway project, losing $100 million in the process and making it likely the federal government won’t shovel any more transportation money to Connecticut.
Critics argue, however, that a commuter rail alternative can be done within a reasonable time frame at lesser cost. They said they’re sure the federal government, which is pushing rail, would back it. Click here to see the full story.
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typical Democrat said...

You can bet that which ever way the unions want him to go on this, he'll comply.

Anonymous said...

Are the Democrats on the Council putting any pressure on their boy Malloy to oppose this? Are the unions telling them to keep their mouths shut just like they tell them to keep giving them raises and pension increases even when the state is $3 billion in dept and the city is barely keeping afloat?

local yokels said...

Will blow-hard Frank, half-wit Wright and the rest of the local Democrat delegation (oh that's right they're the only two...sorry) put any pressure on Malloy to oppose this?

Will Wet (letter h intentionally omitted) Betts actually take a stand on something that is not necessarily in the interest of preserving the fortune of his in-laws fortune? Will construction lawyer Welch be voal in opposition to this?

lookie see said...

6:31 - elimination of the letter "h" might represent the way that you are thought to be, all "WET."

stupid above this said...

November 17, 2010 10:43 AM:

No apparently that's you.

Anonymous said...

Is Artie pinning his hopes on Malloy to give him a job?