November 2, 2010

Election Day in Bristol

I'll have some data soon on turnout, but thought I should open up a post about what's going on at the polls. What are you seeing out there?
Here's a photo that city Councilor Ken Cockayne took this morning at South Side School:
If anyone has pictures to share, send them to me at (an address, by the way, that I rarely check but will today).
Here's today's election story in the Press:
Despite anger about the sour economy, the Democratic grip on Bristol voters remains pretty tight.
Whether that will make a difference at the polls today is the question of the day.
Though Republicans made a slight gain during the past year, Democrats still hold the allegiance of 41 percent of the city’s 33,634 voters.
Small changes could, however, make big differences in the outcomes of close races. Turnout will also play a role.
Elliott Nelson, the Democratic leader in town, said he anticipates 60 to 65 percent of registered voters will show up at the polls this year.
But T.J. Barnes, the GOP boss, said he expects fewer at the polls because all the negative advertising has turned off some voters.
It isn’t clear, though, which party benefits most from a high turnout since it appears conservatives and tea party sympathizers are the most enthusiastic voters this year. They are likely to vote Republican, officials said.
Voters have a lot to choose from if they do turn up at the polls. Click here for the full story.
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