November 2, 2010

Results from the American Legion precinct

At the American Legion hall -- precinct 79B -- the results just got printed out.
Take them for what they're worth.
In the 79th state House race, Democratic incumbent Frank Nicastro garnered 1,239 while his Republican challenger, Pete Del Mastro, trailed with 609.
In the 31st state Senate race, Democrat Tom Colapietro pulled in 1,016 while GOP challenger Jason Welch had 824.
In the 1st District congressional contest, U.S. Rep. John Larson snagged 1,101 while Republican Ann Brickley collected 660. The Green Party's Ken Krayeske got 34 while Chris Hutchinson of the Socialist Action Party racked up 14.
In the governor's race, Democrat Dan Malloy got 950 while Republican Tom Foley collected 889.
In the U.S. Senate race, Republican Linda McMahon had 754 and Democrat Richard Blumenthal piled up 1,107.
On the ballot questions about longer terms for the city's elected officials, those opposing it racked up 1,182 compared to 520 in favor. So that's a goner.
This is generally a Democratic precinct, by the way.
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Anonymous said...

i think the governors seat is the real one to watch this year in CT.. i think it will prove to be a tight one

chris wilson said...

steve awaiting more results?

Anonymous said...

Newspapers reporting that Welch is holding a tight lead right now against Colapietro!!

I smell an upset brewing!

Time to retire that toupee!

Anonymous said...

toupee retiered. thanks for brining up his kids showed what a fool you really are