November 2, 2010

Larson: A 'classic confrontation' looms in Washington

For U.S. Rep. John Larson, the apparent Republican takeover of the House is a tough blow.
He said he knows many of the losers well and “your heart just aches” for their defeat.
Larson said he is dismayed by the way "money and negativity" has taken hold of the political process, even in Connecticut.
As the fourth-ranking Democrat in the House, Larson has been a top lieutenant of Speaker Nancy Pelosi of California.
Larson said he expects “to be in the Democratic leadership as the caucus chair” again in the next Congress.
But, he said, “It’s not about the caucus. It’s about the country.”
Larson said the situation is "kind of ugly nationally."
Larson said he is worried the GOP will follow the road map it has promoted and will try to “balance the budget on the backs of the poor instead of the billionaires.” He fretted that efforts to privatize Social Security are likely as well.
Larson said that Republicans “haven’t sugarcoated” their plans. They’ve laid them out clearly.
“President Obama will be Horatio on the bridge,” Larson said. “This will be on the classic confrontation.”
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Anonymous said...

He fretted that efforts to privatize Social Security are likely as well. not possible it's illegal for private sector to run ponzie scheem's

Anonymous said...

Larson: It's a shame you are still in office. You are a blow-hard and a liar.

fix the gerrymandered districts said...

Would the state please look into fixing these terribly gerrymandered Congressional Districts? Look at the map. It's so screwed up. Obviously they included New Britski in the 5th for Nancy Johnson. She's gone now, so may we go back to normal? Torrington is cut in two. Bristol and Winsted are in the 1st but Newington is in the 5th? It's completely skewed.

Anonymous said...

Larson had the support of the 'elite' welfare recipients who feared losing their union jobs.

Anonymous said...


That will be up to the new Governor: lets see whare his priorities lie.