November 30, 2010

Waterbury paper blasts busway

In an editorial today, the Waterbury Republican-American included this: "Gov. Rell continues to push for the Springfield-New Haven commuter line despite a lack of evidence commuters would use it; and the even more wasteful, foolhardy New Britain-Hartford busway."
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Anonymous said...

To Tim Stewart:

Your dreams of being Governor someday are falling apart because of this busway.

Anonymous said...

How about a story on how Demo-rat Grub-oh-ner Malloy is going to tax the sale of newspapers?

Anonymous said...

As long as cities keep fighting each other, the state will keep laughing and do nothing.

Is anybody surprised?

Anonymous said...

Good for the Waterbury Republican.

Again Stevie, when are you going to start (rightfully) whining about Malloy's proposed tax on newspapers?

told ya so said...

Will Stewart be in favor of Malloy's potential plan to enact a sales tax on newspapers now?