November 4, 2010

Can't anybody count?

It's crazy that we still don't know the vote count in the governor's race.
The secretary of state, Susan Bysiewicz, tossed out unofficial numbers and declared Democrat Dan Malloy the winner yesterday.
But the Associated Press yanked back its claim that Malloy had won after totalling 98.5 percent of the vote and finding Republican Tom Foley ahead.
The simple truth is we have no idea who won.
And Bysiewicz should clam up until she has all the numbers. Already, no matter who wins, there are going to be voters who don't trust the results.
This is simply nuts given how easily everything can be checked with the new machines. In Bristol, for example, we know the precinct totals within minutes of the polls closing. How come statewide it takes 36 hours and counting?
Our incoming secretary of state, Denise Merrill, should fix this problem ASAP so that it never happens again.

Update at 9:15 a.m.: Officials results due at noon.
It does appear that the AP got the results from New Haven wrong and that Malloy probably won by enough to avoid a recount.
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Anonymous said...

Susan Bysiewicz is despicable.

Anonymous said...

Another good reason to go to computer "touch screen" voting. Never have to worry about paper, and if a computer jams up, bring in the spare on deck. Really simple. To be using 'color in the dot" paper ballots is rediculous given technology and the year 2010.

Jean letourneau said...

!0:58 the reason for our type of machines is that they do provide a paper trail that can be counted and recounted. Having seen how strict the rules for running an election are I can not believe the crap we are going thru right now. I used to respect Susan B. but now I believe her to be incompetent as our Secretary of State.

Anonymous said...

November 4, 2010 10:58 AM

Touch this!

Anonymous said...


I finally agree with you.

But what is she was protected by a union? But I guess she is (by union campaign money)

Anonymous said...

Yes touch screen voting....insuring that you voted Republican. Whether you wanted to or not!

Brain said...

to 4:15 PM unless the machines are union made then, Yes touch screen voting....insuring that you voted democarat. Whether you wanted to or not!

Ben said...

Computerize voting is a scam.
Diebolt machines are easy to cheat and hack.
Nothing beats a paper trail, unless you find a whole bunch unaccounted for ;)