September 26, 2013

Rydingsward blasts Democratic leaders on social media

From Democratic Registrar Mary Rydingsward's Facebook page earlier this week (sent by a Democrat who was not impressed with her):

A blow for Democracy in Bristol. Last night the Democratic Town Committee's Executive Committee took the stance that any proposed by-law change had to be approved by the Executive Committee and could not come directly from the floor of the membership. Town Committee Chairman Attorney Dean Kilbourne declared member Bob ...Stone's proposal could not be read to the body without approval of the Executive Committee.

The Executive Committee then voted whether or not to allow Stone's proposal to be read to the body-at-large. 8 voted against allowing the reading and 2 in favor. Kate Matthews, Sandy Stafford, Bruce Suchinski, Mike Petosa, Ellen Zoppo, Rich Harlow, Josh Flores, and Joella Bouchard Mudry voted against allowing a reading of the proposed by-law change. Mike Benevento and Wayne Johnson voted in favor.

Is this the proper way to treat an elected town committee member? Is it legal to not have a means for a town committee member to propose a by-law change directly to the committee at-large? It certainly isn't democratic and I hope to learn it is not Democratic either. Stay tuned.See More
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  • Tina Taylor is this really what elected officials should be spreading around social media at this time? We should be banding together and helping our D candidates win in 41 days. Let's fight against the Rs and gain our seats, not fight amongst ourselves. Social media is no place to speak of the goings-on at a DTC meeting. Focus is key here.
  • Mary Rydingsward BS, what was the motion that Executive Committee voted on? Did they not vote "'to reject the reading of a proposed by-law change?"
  • Mary Rydingsward Tina, It is most unfortunate that our executive commitee and chair behave in such an undemocratic manner. Bob Stone's motion for a reading was made and seconded last month - and the chair did not allow a vote. How difficlut would it have been to allow a vote? to show respect for an elected member of the town commitee? The majority of the town commitee may hold a different view - that doesn't make it the right one.
  • Tina Taylor Mary, my issue right now is with this information being posted on a public page. I firmly believe in keeping dirty laundry within the family especially during a critical point of the election season. The interest right now is in winning seats and I'm scratching my head as to how the original post will help with our goal.
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  • Mary Rydingsward I wish the Chair and Executive Committee would allow for fair treatment of our elected democratic town committee members. This situation was not the first occassion. Dean and the executive committee have had opportunities to address the issue - and at least give the laundry a rinse cycle, if not a washing.
  • Katherine Lupa Matthews No executive committee member voted to disallow anything at the general meeting. We voted to recommend rejection of Mary's proposed motion if it came up. That being said, anyone could have made that motion Monday night during old business, as Mary was expressly informed at executive board. I personally made sure that Mary understood this before the DTC meeting commenced. Then, at the DTC meeting, no one rose to make the motion. Not Mary, not Bob, and not anyone else involved in creating the motion. Mary said, prior to the DTC meeting, that she decided not to proceed with the issue, because the executive board didn't think it was a good idea, based largely on timing issues. That was Mary's choice. Bob wasn't even there to raise the motion - that was Bob's choice. There was no vote on the motion because no one moved it, not because anyone was prohibited from bringing it up. Mary did eventually bring it up, and Dean was gracious enough to revisit old business, out of order, so that it could be discussed by Mary. It was extensively discussed by Mary and others. Following this discussion, no DTC member made the proposed motion.
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  • Mary Rydingsward Not exactly the facts as I recall them. The vote was to disallow the reading. No motion is necessary for a reading of a proposed by-law.
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