September 25, 2013

Cockayne slashes Wilson on budget claims

Republican mayoral hopeful Ken Cockayne just put out this press release:
Cockayne: My Opponent Can’t Get It Done.

(Bristol) City Councilman Ken Cockayne (R-2) the Republican nominee for Mayor of Bristol, today assailed his Democrat opponent for not being able to deliver on the promises he has made in the campaign.  Cockayne took issue with comments made regarding the budgetary process and the candidate’s claims that he could save 1% by turning to Performance Based Budgeting in Bristol.
“I find this suggestion comical due to the fact that my opponent was a member of the Mayor’s Budget and Efficiency Task Force created in 2011 by Mayor Ward, “Cockayne continued, “During that entire process my opponent never offered this proposal to the Task Force and as a matter of fact offered no new suggestions on how to save money in the budget and enhance efficiencies between the city and board of education.”
The Task Force was created at the suggestion of the newly elected Republican members of the City Council in an effort to develop strategies to help reduce spending and save the taxpayers of Bristol some hard earned tax dollars.
“I cannot stress enough that my opponent made ZERO RECCOMENDATIONS during this process,” Cockayne asked, “In addition, the Task Force did not find 1% in savings, and if it could have found this savings where was my opponent during this process?”
The results of Performance Based Budgeting are very subjective and it is a tool used by the State of Connecticut to determine which school districts are failing and which get more aid in the form of ECS money. “This proposal cannot work in an environment where administrations could change every two years along with the priorities of a new administration,” Cockayne said.
“What my opponent should have done is advocated for the Republican City Council proposal to survey the public and find out which services and programs were most utilized and which were less utilized,” Cockayne continue, “This way we could have enhanced the programs and services most utilized and scaled back on those that were underutilized.”
“My opponent’s Johnny-come-lately-approach to our budgetary problems is almost tragic since he boasts that he was the Chairman and Member of the Board of Education Finance Committee and his budget since taking office on the BOE has risen over 31%.” Cockayne said.
“I have stated many times that there are duplicate functions being performed by the City and Board of Education and that those functions can be consolidated in order to be more cost effective and I plan to implement these efficiencies as your next Mayor,” Cockayne concluded.

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