September 3, 2013

Cockayne says he'll push for code money

Press release from Republican mayoral candidate Ken Cockayne:

Cocakyne Asks Ward For Money To Fund Code Enforcement.

(Bristol)  City Councilman Ken Cockayne, the Republican nominee for Mayor this November has sent a letter to Mayor Arthur J. ward asking him to put an item on next Tuesday’s City Council agenda to send a request to the Board of Finance to create a $250,000 revolving fund for Code Enforcement.
The money would come from a windfall check received last week from the State of Connecticut for the Municipal Revenue Cost Sharing Account that was not budgeted as income in this year’s budget.  The City of Bristol received $493,000 as its share of this account.
“As it has been well documented over the years the major problem with code enforcement in Bristol is the lack of dollars allocated to it,” Cockayne continued, “This unanticipated revenue can and should be used to start the process of real code enforcement in Bristol.”
Cockayne added, “These dollars should be used immediately in the West End and Federal Hill areas of Bristol to deal with our absentee landlord problem, and we should also be looking at homes that have been foreclosed in Bristol and are now owned by banks and mortgage companies who are allowing these properties to become blighted,” Cockayne continued.”This is happening in all areas of our community and it is becoming a real eyesore to many homeowners.”
“I am confident that with the support of the City Council and Board of Finance, we will quickly see progress in the area of code enforcement and this new funding source will lead to quick results for our neighborhoods,” Cockayne concluded.

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